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Planting Methods of Peanuts
来源:   发表于:2017-4-11

1. Sowing Methods

Peanuts are sowed in the open field or under the cover of the plastic film according to their cultivation pattern. The methods include the manual sowing and mechanical sowing according to their operating type.

2.Seeding Density

We should master the principle of rational close planting. The seeding density of peanuts depends on their height, fructification scope and leaf area. The appropriate seeding density of peanuts depends on the climatic feature, soil fertility, using cultivar and cultivation conditions. The peanut cultivation generally adopt the planting technology of double cores.The line spacing of seed is 5*8

cun (a unit of length=1/3 decimeter).In this method,the final production of peanuts can achieve about 20,000 when the basic seeds are sowed above 23,000.The open string of peanuts should possibly use standard method of open string or use the appliance for digging a hole.

3.Depth of Seeding

The appropriate depth of peanut seeding is about 5cm.We should master the following principle--the seed can not be sowed too deep when the soil is dry and not be sowed too shallow when wet; moreover,the seed should be sowed more shallow in the sticky soil and more deep in the sandy soil or soil with much sand. The depth of peanut seed does not beyond 7cm and does not below 3cm if it is sowed in the open field.

4.Press after sowing

The press after sowing is a successful experience which ensure the fall stand of peanuts when they are sowed in the drought. The press can not only decrease the evaporation of soil moisture, but also keep the seed contact with the soil closely.In addition, it can increase the moisture of underlying soil and prevent the seed from being dry, which can make the seed sprout easily.

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